At My Care Consultant, our core service is to provide care advice to people who need care, their family members and legal representatives, to help them navigate their journey as quickly and smoothly as possible.

We also operate a ‘care advice referral service’ for financial advisers and our corporate connections such as care providers and legal advisers who have clients or family members in need of care.

How It Works

Here is the simple process of making client referrals to My Care Consultant via our Care Advice Service.

  1. Send your client’s name and contact details to our helpdesk using the form on this page. Alternatively, email or call us on (0)203 290 3110. If you prefer, your client can contact us directly, quoting your name.
  2. We will then hold a free, initial introductory call for up to 15-minutes with your client and/or family members.
  3. From there, the client will have the option of booking one of our optional chargeable services; a Telephone/Online Consultation with a written action plan (£345) and/or an Independent Financial Assessment (£50).
  4. If your client has opted to progress to one of our chargeable services following the free, initial 15-minute introductory call, we will revert back to you to let you know.
  5. Following the free, initial 15-minute introductory call, if your client wishes to proceed with one of our chargeable services, we ask them to complete a fact-find. Telephone/Online Consultations can usually be scheduled within a few days.
  6. If you are a financial adviser and your client is self-funding, we will refer your client back to you when they are ready to receive a recommendation on how best to pay for their care.
  7. If you are a financial adviser and you do not hold the necessary qualifications, we can connect you with a SOLLA accredited adviser where your client can receive a ‘paying for care’ recommendation.

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