Pricing Principles

The initial price for My Care Hub that Advice Firms will be charged is based on the following:

  1. The offering
    a. CORE – ‘Guided Information’ plus user support
    b. PREMIUM – Core Offering plus ‘Ask an Expert’ technical care related email support
  2. The number of user licences bought (referred to as ‘seats’)
  3. The application of the Early Bird discount available on all purchases up to and including until 30 June 2024

Understanding the CORE and PREMIUM levels of support

The CORE Service

This level of service gives the user access to the following:

  1. all the content within My Care Hub
  2. an e-mail-based USER HELPLINE for any queries arising from the use of the website, the nature of the service and/or the location of specific content
  3. access to My Care Consultant’s one-to-one telephone-based care navigation service (at a reduced cost)

The PREMIUM Service

This level of service gives the user access to the following:

  1. The CORE level service (above)
  2. An e-mail based ASK AN EXPERT helpline for up to three queries during the 12-month licence period per end-user to help navigate the care system in meeting their carer or care needs. This service replaces the previous free 15- minute introductory calls operated by My Care Consultant*

*When responding to a user query received through the Ask an Expert service, My Care Consultant reserves the right to judge whether the complexity of the query is such that a referral to the one-to-one telephone-based care navigation service at an additional charge to the end-user is more appropriate.

What are ‘seats’?

  • ‘Seats’ are individual user licences giving the user (and their legal representatives/immediate family members) access to the My Care Hub website.
  • Each ‘seat’ will provide 12- month access to My Care Hub from the time a seat is taken up by the user, after which time access will be automatically switched off.
  • To ensure the highest level of service, we are initially restricting the maximum number of seats that can be purchased during the first 12 months to 50 per purchase per Firm. If a Firm wishes to buy more seats My Care Consultant will consider requests on a Firm-by- Firm basis and if capacity exists will provide a costing at that time.

Pricing Bands


BandFull CostCost per seatCost including Early Bird 20% DiscountCost per seat
Band one: 25 seats£450.00£18.00£360.00£14.40
Band Two: 50 seats£720.00£14.40£576.00£11.52


BandFull CostCost per seatCost including Early Bird 20% DiscountCost per seat
Band one: 25 seats£1050.00£42.00£840.00£16.80
Band Two: 50 seats£1800.00£36.00£1440.00£28.80

Please note CORE level seats cannot be converted to PREMIUM level seats at any time

Early Bird Discount

This discount will run from launch until 30th June 2024

What about VAT?

VAT registration has been applied for by My Care Consultant Ltd, to be effective from the
launch date of My Care Hub. The issue of VAT numbers are currently subject to significant
delays. Until HMRC confirm our VAT number, we are following HMRC recommended
practice and prices are inclusive of vat. For firms seeking to reclaim vat we will issue a paid
invoice detailing the VAT amount once HMRC have confirmed our VAT number.

Can Firms charge their clients to use the service?

Yes. We have established the initial pricing of My Care Hub at a level that covered our
manufacturing and service costs but also enabled the advice firm to recoup costs directly
from their clients as a part of their overall service.
For example, if a Firm purchases Band 1 CORE before 30th June 2024, they will only need to
charge each of 25 clients £14.40 to access the site to recoup the Firms costs in making the
service available.

How My Care Hub pricing will work in practice

  1. The Advice Firm decides upon the number of seats it wants to buy and the service level
  2. If the Advice Firm goes over their allocation (e.g. they have bought an allocation of up to
    25 CORE licences via Band 1, but 40 licences have been activated) they will be contacted
    within a month to make them aware of this situation.
  3. They will then have the option of deciding whether to remove some seats from existing
    clients or pay an additional amount based on a premium rate (currently £30 + vat) for
    each seat they’ve used in excess of their original Band allocation.


1 MayFirm purchases Band 1 which gives them 25 licences to
allocate over the next 12 months
£375.00 + vat
1 AugFirm has at this point handed out 40 licences (15 above
1 AugMCC contact firm to advise Firm they have exceeded their quote and have two options to choose within 30 days:
1. Select and Revoke a number of licences to bring it down to Band 1 limit (some users may no longer have a need for further access at this point).
2. Pay for the additional licences used in excess of the Band allocation at a rate of £30 per licence (15 x £30 = £450). This would be invoiced to the Firm rather than an online payment via STRIPE.
450 + vat

Future Pricing

  • My Care Consultant reserves the right to increase the cost of My Care Hub for supporting firms (at the point of purchase of additional licences) and new subscribing firms (at any point).
  • Any price increases will reflect the cost of delivery and our experience of the overall level of user and technical care related email support experienced.

One to one Care Navigation service from My Care Consultant

  • MCC’s one to one telephone-based care navigation service will be restricted to users of
    My Care Hub.
  • This is a chargeable service and not included within the cost of My Care Hub. The cost of
    this service will be determined from time to time by My Care Consultant and charged
    directly to the user.

Need to know more?

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or alternatively, call us on 020 3290 3110