Care Box Online – new resource from MCC available now!

Care Box Online is now open for business! Packed full of valuable information on a range of topics, and aimed specifically at supporting financial services professionals with the care-related aspects of their business, Care Box from MCC is already being warmly welcomed by advisers.

See below for more details about Care Box, or take a look at Care Box Online here.

Financial Advisers – a vital part of the solution for our clients.

We work closely with a range of advisers. Some are specialists in long term care. Others don’t do any long term care business in house at all, but want to offer a fully rounded service to their clients.

In-house or outsource?

Many advisers use our telephone consultation or report writing services to outsource the non-regulated aspects of Care Advice. Others turn to us to help them develop this specialisation ‘in-house’. If you’re interested in learning more about these services, please email:

Keeping up to date

Whatever your approach to care, increasing numbers of your clients are likely to need help and support regarding long term care for themselves or others. Keeping up to date with developments in the care advice sector can be complex and time consuming. To help, we created our free monthly ‘Care Newsletter’ which rounds up care and paying-for-care news each month. If you would like to receive this, please email: with ‘MCC Newsletter’ in the subject line.

Client in need of care advice?

Just click the button below, fill-in the simple form and we’ll arrange for your client to receive their (free) 15-minute, no-obligation consultation.

What is Care Box Online?

Care Box from MCC is a members-only, technical resource for financial services professionals, financial advisers and support staff. It contains tools, information and support on care-related topics, the ways to pay for care, and how to grow your care business. There’s even a members-only discussion group where you can discuss specific issues with other professionals.

How can Care Box help?

  • Want to check what the current rate of Attendance Allowance is? (You can quickly find it in Care Box.)
  • Need to read in-depth about how NHS Continuing Health Care works and how to challenge a decision? (We’ve got a 48 page comprehensive guide on that.)
  • Looking for ways to support a client whose loved one is developing dementia? (We have clear, easy to read guides on a variety of topics relating to dementia, which you can share with your clients.)

These are things that don’t constitute regulated financial advice. But many advisers increasingly need (or want) to help their clients with the complexity of today’s health and social care systems, as part of a joined-up approach to their financial planning.

How much time can you afford to spend trying to get the answers to care-related questions, rather than focussing on your core business of giving sound, financial advice?

You might be a specialist care adviser, looking to quickly and easily check for relevant information. Or perhaps you’re new to the care market and want to develop your knowledge and understanding.

Now you can just turn to Care Box!

The above examples represent a tiny fraction of the information and resources you’ll find in Care Box Online. All in one place, constantly being monitored, expanded and updated, so the information remains as fresh and reliable as possible. And all our technical resources can count towards CPD.

And what’s more, if you think something’s missing, let us know and we’ll aim to add it to our schedule of future content.