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Why we set up My Care Consultant

Each year, the number of people requiring care in the UK is rising due to increased life expectancy and an ageing demographic.  For example, in the UK currently we have 3m people over the age of 85, this number will have increased to 5m people in less than 13 years time which is the largest ever increase in this age bracket in the UK.


Social care has never been free, but these demographic changes are resulting in more of us having to arrange and pay for our care ourselves.


We set up My Care Consultant to  guide our clients through the confusing and complex UK care system, to provide breathing space and clarity, and help in navigating a clearer, less stressful path towards affordable and suitable care.

Key Facts

130,000 more British people require care each year.

55% of them are either partly or fully self-funded.

25% run out of money and have to change the way they receive their care.

The average self-funder lives for over 4.5 years in a care home.

Care costs can be upwards of £1,000 per week.

Most people if told they have to fund the care themselves, find themselves spending long periods of time working out their care options and entitlements, adding unnecessary stress to an already difficult and emotional situation.

In addition to this, most people pay for care from their assets, needlessly running them down, while one in four people run out of money altogether and have to settle for a substituted form of care.

This often means having to change rooms, move into a new home, or move from your own home into a care home that may not be of your choosing.

These eventualities can be heartbreaking as the new setup might not meet the standards you have become used to, and could even mean receiving a lower level of care.

These stresses are absolutely avoidable

My Care Consultant saves our families time and energy by providing them with independent, accurate and unbiased information and guidance to help them to make informed decisions about the care that is required, and how to pay for it.

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